Our Approach

Impact with Integrity

We are an independent digital media advertising agency using sophisticated proprietary and highly innovative technologies to identify the environment where ideal customers are, connect with them and deliver results with accountability and transparency. We create what we call Impact with Integrity for brands and businesses of all sizes.

Meet The Team

Our Approach

We appreciate that not all clients have time to keep up with the rapidly changing world of digital marketing and that is exactly why we’re here to help.

In simple terms, we demystify the digital landscape and simplify the complex, using sophisticated proprietary technologies and best-in-field experts to generate greater return for your business.

Our expertise in media buying, planning, and creative design, coupled with our proprietary technology, enables us to deliver results in a way that’s simple, scalable, and trackable.

Combining native and proprietary multi-platforms we achieve greater scale, learnings, optimisations – and ultimately performance – for our clients’ campaigns.

And we do this with the utmost transparency using our digital ad operations framework, being laser-focused on delivering results with integrity.

How we do it

Using our proprietary cutting-edge technologies, we connect brands and businesses to consumers in real-time. We uncover meaningful data to drive actionable insights and unlock powerful market intelligence to minimize advertising wastage.

We are experts at creating sustainable long-term business partnerships and building relationships that go beyond work and are committed to amplifying our clients’ message with accountability and transparency.

We leverage our sustainable campaign practices to deliver advertising campaigns to the world with unparalleled results. Furthermore, we have developed a digital ad operations transparency framework maximising brand safety beyond our industry standards and best practices.

Last but not least, our customers help us drive business for good for our chosen social impact goal, fulfilling our vision of having a collective responsibility for the future of our planet and society which lead us to being committed to delivering impact with integrity to all our clients, people, communities, and planet.

Our Proprietary Tech

Powered by Impulse Screen Media, our proprietary recognition capabilities are built upon Artificial Intelligence using machine learning and deep neural networks.

Sounds complicated? In simple terms our platform can, in real-time and continuously, identify and capture commercials, brands, logos, words, faces, objects, hosts across video and audio streams.

This enables brands and agencies to coordinate automatically multi-screen campaigns across display, video, search, social and mobile bringing offline and online together without a glitch.

It also integrates seamlessly with all prominent Demand Side Platforms.

To top it all off, we have access to a multitude of unique competitive insights gained from our media monitoring capabilities delivering thousands of impressive actionable data points.

Browse Our Work page for examples of successful campaigns we have implemented over the years.

Our vision

At inc, we believe we have a collective responsibility for the future of our planet and society.

That’s why we are committed to delivering impact with integrity to all our clients, people, communities, and planet. But technology and results alone are not enough. For us, the way we work is as important as what we do, and we couldn’t do what we do without our people. At inc, our people are REEL. We build trust, push for progress, and strive to deliver impact with integrity every step of the way.
Our Values

What does being REEL mean at inc?


We take responsibility for our work, results and behaviours and especially how we impact our clients, people and the planet.


We have a clear framework and a set of practices that go beyond the digital and media industry standards.


We are relentless seekers of innovations, finding new ways to achieve and always challenging the status quo.


We make brave and fearless choices on behalf of our clients.