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Through a careful and strategic approach, Simon and Schuster has been able to make their mark in the digital space, driving strong results for various brands across multiple target audiences. ARN & iNC Digital Media worked along Simon and Schuster to reach new relevant audiences to increase EDM sign-ups, but also maintain a 40% open-rate, preserving engagement with their online community.


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EDM sign-ups increase

I could not be happier with the results we've achieved with iNC Digital. As a publishing company that markets multiple brands to different demographics on a monthly basis we knew that the digital space was where we would get the best results but needed expertise that would help us really pin down our objectives and measure the results.

From our first meeting I knew the team really got us. They were honest about what we could achieve and really helped us build our own learnings in the digital space. After only a few months, our CTR on Facebook was averaging 2% each month, and we continued to grow this as the year progresses. By being careful and strategic we increased our EDM sign-ups by 62% but, most importantly, sustained our open-rate at 40% which meant we got both quality AND quantity. And I think this best sums up my experience with Loan and her team: they are ambitious and results driven but always strategic and considerate.

Above all, the most important thing to me when working with an agency is trust and understanding. We've worked with agencies before which seem to get a little bored by the complicated nature of our campaigns. iNC's enthusiasm has never wavered and I have very much appreciated both their knowledge and their honest communication which means we can keep changing and adapting our strategy together. I would highly recommend working with the team at iNC Digital.

Anabel Pandiella – Simon & Schuster Marketing & Publicity Director

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