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The Catalogue Central website is an online advertising medium that allows potential buyers to browse advertisements and then purchase items by contacting retailers directly or going into store.

We are not involved in the actual transaction between sellers and buyers. We are merely a passive conduit for the on-line distribution and publication of information about items advertised for sale. As a result, we have no control over and, to the extent permitted by law, make no warranties in relation to, the suitability, quality, safety or legality of any items advertised for sale on the Catalogue Central website, the accuracy or truth of any advertising listings on the Catalogue Central website or the ability of sellers and buyers to actually enforce or complete a transaction.

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Catalogue Central hyperlinks to other retail or third party websites are not under the control of Catalogue Central and it is not responsible for the contents of those linked websites. Your choice to visit any such linked website now becomes their responsibility. Please check their Terms of Use as well as their Privacy Policy. Even though they appear on our website, we do not explicitly endorse or recommend their content. Again, choosing to visit their website via a hyperlink is your choice. These hyperlinks are available to you for easy access.

Where GST is applicable, on any item(s) that is advertised by the retailer, the advertised price must be inclusive of GST. Please check their hyperlinked website for their Terms and Conditions.

It is a condition of any electronic interaction with us that you understand the restrictions that would apply to the unlawful transmission or posting of inappropriate material.

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